Prevent Package Theft with Residential Security Systems

Unfortunately, package theft has been a prevalent issue in many neighborhoods across the United States, affecting thousands of people. To ensure that the packages you order are secured when they get sent to your home, make sure you have the right residential security systems.

Package theft is when someone snatches boxes, parcels, and packages right from your doorstep. This is a crime that occurs in mere seconds yet leaves you mad and frustrated for days. Even if you have not been a victim of package theft, you are most likely worried that it might happen to you one day because of how widespread it is.

Package Theft Threat

This is an opportunistic crime, making it a common problem for many. Even if someone is not necessarily a thief or a burglar, if they see an unattended package or parcel on someone’s doorstep, they will take it because they know they’re not being watched.

Package theft threat is real.

Whatever parcel, package, or box left on your front door, package thieves see them as an opportunity to get fast money, without having to break into your home, which is more work and may bring in more consequences.

Since more and more people order items from the internet, they get packages delivered more frequently. These are more chances for package thieves to steal. In most cases, thieves would follow shipping and delivery drivers throughout their routes to snatch packages as soon as they are delivered – all while the homeowners are out of the house.

Residential Security Systems Can Protect Your Packages

Fortunately, advanced residential security systems can protect your parcels and boxes delivery. We’ll talk about the essential residential security systems used to thwart package theft.

CCTV Cameras

Incorporating CCTV surveillance systems as part of your residential security systems is an excellent way to secure and defend your home. Visible security cameras are also a tried-and-tested tool to deter package thieves, burglars, and other unwanted individuals from infiltrating your property.

If you have CCTV security cameras easily noticeable throughout the premises of your home, would-be burglars looking to make fast money will not dare come near your property.

Make sure your security surveillance system is positioned toward the front of your door or by the garage.

Install visible security cameras as part of your residential security systems.

While having CCTV cameras won’t completely stop package thieves from snatching your belongings, you will still have footage of the crime to present to the police.

This evidence would be a massive help for authorities to catch the perpetrator. Additionally, the CCTV cameras are enough of a tool to keep package thieves away from your valuables.

Video Doorbell

While CCTV cameras are a great addition to residential security systems, there is another device that you can use to elevate your security efforts.

For a more hands-on security system, consider installing a video doorbell. This system usually comes with a camera, motion detector, mobile application, and two-way communication device. These components work seamlessly for the detection and deterrent of package thieves.

The motion detector spots any presence outside your door. You will then receive a notification of this presence through the mobile application. You can access a video camera recording which is on your porch through the mobile application. With the communication device, you can speak to the individual through the mobile application.

Smart Locks

Security cameras and video doorbells are two cutting-edge devices you can include in your residential security systems. However, they don’t necessarily stop package thieves from taking your packages. Some thieves would still risk snatching your belongings even though they know there would be footage or recording of them doing the crime.

This is where smart locks should come in handy. While conventional locks need your actual presence and key, smart locks let you do what you need to do remotely.

The way this works is when you are at ease and comfortable with your delivery person. When they arrive at your door, you can unlock your door remotely for them so they can leave the package inside your home.

You can then lock the door after they set down the package inside your home. Naturally, you may still want to make sure that you have a video doorbell or security camera installed so that you can monitor the delivery person’s arrival and departure.