How to Deal with Expired Fire Extinguishers

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial establishment, fire extinguishers are an essential fixture at any property. For extinguishers to deliver optimal fire protection, they need to be in tiptop condition. But what’s the lifespan of a fire extinguisher? And what should you do when it expires, how do you dispose of it properly?

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Prevent Package Theft with Residential Security Systems

Unfortunately, package theft has been a prevalent issue in many neighborhoods across the United States, affecting thousands of people. To ensure that the packages you order are secured when they get sent to your home, make sure you have the right residential security systems.

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How to Clean Fire Sprinkler Heads

Maintaining your apartment or business isn’t the most fun job to start with, but when you have risky cleaning tasks, it becomes even harder. One of these cleaning tasks consists of dusting or cleaning the dust off of fire sprinkler heads mounted in a lot of office buildings and apartment. The fire sprinkler heads are extremely sensitive and can break open with a minor hit, but they still require to be cleaned occasionally.