Prioritize Your Retail Store’s Security

According to the National Retail Federation, for every $1 billion in store sales, retailers lose over $700,000 due to retail crime. This type of crime encompasses shoplifting, fraud, or employee theft. Whatever kind of retail crime it is, it negatively affects profit margins. It also puts consumers and employees significantly at risk. Thus, it’s essential for retailers to prioritize their store’s security. In today’s post, we’ve gathered top business security systems tips to improve the security in your retail store.

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How to Deal with Expired Extinguishers

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial establishment, fire extinguishers are an essential fixture at any property. For extinguishers to deliver optimal fire protection, they need to be in tiptop condition. But what’s the lifespan of a fire extinguisher? And what should you do when it expires, how do you dispose of it properly?

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